About Us

2020 Vision Optometrist is a full service optical shop that provides professional eye-care services as well as good quality optical products. We carry a large selection of branded and designer frames, and our prices are less than what you would pay at optical retail chain stores. Always putting the customer first, the store has a policy to deliver honest and straight-forward service with professional staff offering accurate answers to all your eyewear needs.

Your personal eyewear collection

At 2020 Vision, we endeavor to make it possible for everyone to have his or her very own personal collection of eyewear to suit the lifestyles, and to match the daily outfit instead of just wearing the same pair of eyewear for all occasions. We achieve this by providing everyone with a range of highly affordable, fashionable and great quality eyewear.

We love low prices too

To add icing to the cake, our prices are highly affordable because we believe in low costs that translate to greater savings for you. This way, we make spectacles available to all who need them, and for the fashion forward ones to have one for every occasion.

Clear visions, clearer pricings

Our prices are transparent and listed clearly so that you know how much you will be spending. You will only pay for items you need and not be subjected to any shocking bill. How’s that for a clear vision?